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Glamour Magick

How to take control of a practice we are all secretly masters of

I'm not sure it's possible to write about the subject of Glamour Magick without addressing a certain scene in a certain film: The Craft. The scene in question shows the protagonist amazingly using magick to change the colour of her hair and eyes instantaneously. I remember gasping with astonishment when my naive and impressionable teenage mind first saw this, and I was left wondering if it were even possible.

Now, the short answer is Yes. It is possible. But the long answer includes a lengthy caveat about the reality being somewhat more mundane than depicted in the film (hair dye and coloured contact lenses), and that it is highly likely that we are already unwittingly practicing it!

In essence, Glamour Magick is the alchemical art of transforming oneself to appear to be somebody or something other than our true selves to those around us, and to ourselves. A list of master Glamour Magicians would include the likes of Madonna, David Bowie, Jeffree Star, probably everybody who has graced the Drag Race stage and many many more. These are people who have mastered the art of transforming into an alter ego using the mundane props of the Earthly plane: Fashion and make-up.

To be practicing Glamour Magick is not always quite as extreme though. Imagine you have an important interview to attend for a senior role. What would you wear? I think most would instinctively reach for a suit or other suitably business-like apparel. When wearing this outfit, how do you carry yourself? Do you automatically assume an air of seriousness and efficiency? Or do you still feel like you're in your PJs?

That's a quick run-through of the basic principle of what Glamour Magick is. But how can we use it more consciously to manifest what we desire in our lives? And what are some useful tricks we can bear in mind?

One of the most efficient ways to achieve goals is to simply start living them. I get it, that's not so easy when you're broke as hell and your goal is to be cruising around in a super car. However, let me ask you how likely it is that nothing else changes in life prior to getting the keys to said car? When our circumstances change, it usually changes our lives holistically, and it is with the small things that we can start to engage Glamour Magick in order to give focus and power to the overall manifestation. In other words, we begin to embody who we are once we have achieved our goals in order to actually make them reality.

I invite you to take a moment to close your eyes and allow yourself to day dream about what ultimate success and happiness looks like for you. What do you have around you? Who is around you? Where are you? Where do you live? What do you look like? What are you wearing? What do you smell like? How do you behave?

Once you have formed a clear idea of the picture you desire, it is easier to start to identify what changes can be made RIGHT NOW.

I'm going to use a made-up example to try to illustrate what I mean:

Cindy dreams of becoming an It girl. She fantasises about being at trendy nightclubs, drinking Champagne with good-looking guys fawning over her. She's glamourous, and has diamonds and the latest designer clothes... However, as soon as she comes back to the real world, she sees herself in her PJs, sprawled like a potato on the sofa, with no money in the bank and no romantic prospects.

It'd be easy for Cindy to give up on her dream because it is so far removed from what she currently is, but Glamour Magick is not just about convincing others that we are something other than we are, but about convincing ourselves that we are what we want to be.

So what can Cindy do? She's broke, so there are no designer goods on the immediate cards, and certainly no diamonds.

A lot of people would turn to fake designer goods at this point, and I'm going to tell you why this is the worst possible thing you can do. Whilst you may consciously think that you're faking it 'til you make it, you are actually sabotaging your potential for success. The people who would be hanging around the fantasy self often can tell fakes from a mile off, so they will instantly view you as cheap. What's more, you will know it's fake and on a subconscious level, YOU will view you as a cheap fraud. All of this cheap energy is not conducive of obtaining the goal.

Instead, Cindy needs to become the glamour girl that she envisages in the most genuine way possible. Being 100% genuine Topshop is much more classy than being 100% fake Gucci. Even if the 100% genuine Topshop came from a charity shop.

You see, this is where a little ingenuity comes in. The It Girl Cindy wants to become would not be wearing Charlie Red, rather she'd be wearing an expensive designer perfume that current Cindy can't afford. So rather than giving up, Cindy finds a way to obtain the designer perfume, but only in a way that does not permit those subconscious negative associations to creep in. Rather, Cindy may perhaps ask the lady at the beauty counter for a sample of the perfume that she intends to purchase. Perfectly respectable.

However, the cheapest way to implement this principle is in the way we behave. It Girl Cindy wouldn't bite her nails, so if this is a habit that Cindy currently has, she needs to overcome this however she possibly can. Perhaps she wishes she had more sensual mannerisms, in which case, studying the mannerisms of the likes of Marilyn Monroe, and finding a unique and personal interpretation that makes Cindy FEEL sensual, and adopting it as part of her personality allows this to become reality.

I think you've probably got the idea.

Once we start incorporating our goal into the present, the goal starts to become reality. We must convince ourselves that the goal is reality, and using Glamour Magick, we can start to achieve this.

Playing dress-up doesn't need to be restricted to children. Not only can it be fun, it can also be an extremely effective tool for manifestation, especially when combined with other tools.

Sometimes, no matter how much the above makes sense, it can feel like a daunting task to go from A to B. Sometimes the small steps that can be taken do not reveal themselves immediately. Because of this, I offer 30 minute Glamour Magick coaching sessions to help guide you on the path of embodying your fantasy self, or even to help you prepare for an event where you want to be perceived in a certain way.

Whether you need a gentle push in the right direction, or you know exactly what to do instinctively, the important thing is to enjoy the transformation.


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