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Spirituality vs Conspiracy Theories

I'm finding it increasingly disturbing that influential figures in the spiritual community are espousing conspiracy theories and advising people to ignore social-distancing and to shun the idea of vaccines, and utilising hateful language like "Libtards" or "Sheeple" to describe those who adhere to Government or medical advice.

I find it disturbing on multiple levels:

+ It alarms me that somebody who claims to be a "healer" would, as a non-medical expert themselves, advise people to conduct themselves in a way that directly contradicts the advice of individuals who have dedicated their academic lives to the study of medicine or viruses, thus putting people's physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing in jeopardy. It raises a massive red-flag for me when anybody encourages modern medicine to be abandoned in favour of energy healing. Sure, it's powerful, but is it really responsible or ethical to tell a cancer patient to not undergo chemotherapy in favour of spiritual healing, rather than providing that healing to complement the chemotherapy? Isn't telling somebody not to be vaccinated on par with this?

+ Words have vibrational power, and anybody who has the faintest interest in any new-age ideas has probably got this principle under their belt. To see a practitioner - or, worse still, a teacher of healing modalities - spread hateful comments, worries me. It says to me that this person is either wilfully spreading bad vibes, or that they have lost control of their ego. In turn, this makes me question whether they are fit to be interfering with the energy of others in a "healing" capacity.

+ It erodes confidence in the healing community and associates it with an irrationality. To be represented by individuals who show an inability to balance evidence from multiple sources, and who replace the narrative with sensationalist propaganda, simply paints the picture that all healers are crackpots. We might be weirdos, and we might believe in some pretty far-out things, but not all of us are incapable of talking to actual technological experts, whom we trust and know to not be biased (e.g. to ascertain that the claims about 5G are indeed not even possible).

I am suspicious of this Government, as most probably are, given the sheer level of incompetence/conflict of interest/corruption that has been on display; but this does not automatically mean that everything they do must be to our detriment, and therefore we must do the opposite no matter what the cost. We must question everything, evaluate the evidence, consider the motives, question what each party involved has to gain, before deciding for ourselves what seems to be closest to the truth. Sometimes we even have to question ourselves. Are we refusing to accept something that the evidence is pointing to because it doesn't fit with what we *want* to be the truth?

I personally think it important to use the wealth of knowledge that science has gifted us with to understand the ancient spiritual principles. There are questions to which we will never know the answers, but surely we can use our intelligence to get as close as we possibly can.

It does not take a wise man to seek God, but it does take a wise man to find God.


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