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COVID-19: Full Moon Tarot Spread

What do we need to know about the current COVID-19 situation?

To mark the May full moon, I thought I'd consult my trusty cards on the matter that's on everyone's minds: COVID-19.

As we are all acutely aware, the virus has caused a separation in society. We are unable to see friends and loved ones, and many of us are also separated from our normal working life. Naturally, this alteration in life is causing feelings of insecurity and fear for what the future holds. It is important to acknowledge, however, that this fear is not necessarily based on reality and that the cup can be seen as half full. Our perspective is a matter of choice.

Understandably, many may be feeling overburdened, and this could be manifesting in poor time or money management, or other imbalances in life. Take care to not find yourself overindulging in alcohol, food, Netflix, or the like. Equally, ensure you don't neglect anything, for some this can also be food, or studies, or exercise.

On a subconscious level, this is an opportunity to relax, and to find peace in the extra leisure time at home. There is a yearning for prizing the home, and I've certainly seen this in action with all the wonderful home improvement projects that have been popping into my Facebook feed.

We have an innate desire to feel closer to the natural world, and to live more closely to the ways of the Earth, but that goes hand in hand with the desire for abundance and wealth. It's quite uncontroversial of a dream to want to chill out, feeling warm sand between the toes, but have the funds for it to be the Maldives rather than Rhyl.

Ultimately, it is possible to achieve this, however it is likely to be hampered by our own clinging onto the past as a way of avoiding the hard work that creating change entails. In order to see our dreams manifest, we need to discard nostalgia and deal with the temporary inconveniences that making changes demands. If we give in to imprudence, it simply won't happen. The past is the past, and our goal should not be to return to that. Rather, the goal should be better and healthier for us all.

Whilst it is understandable that our heads are currently filled with worry about the situation, what we actually have is an opportunity to nurture our talents and find ways to create abundance through those means.

The absence of any swords, indicates to me that this is a time to grow our health and wealth through creativity, love and empathy. Whilst I will never encourage somebody to not use their noggin, perhaps in this time, we need to avoid overthinking, and follow our hearts more.


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