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My name is Sarah, and I decided to become an Usui Reiki and Usui Shiki practitioner in 2017 after the incredible experiences I had with Reiki during a time of dealing with a bereavement. 


Not only did I feel emotionally lighter, but the chronic neck pain I had been suffering from for years simply melted away and I no longer needed sleeping tablets. The real miracle is that this happened, literally, overnight for me.

After receiving such relief in a time of darkness, I knew that I needed to share this with others, to make other lives lighter and to try to reduce suffering, and that has been my mission ever since.

I cannot promise miracles, and I also would emphasise that Reiki is a complementary treatment which should not replace conventional medicine. However, the Universe is incredibly powerful, and as I have experienced personally, miracles cannot be ruled out.

I offer in-person Reiki treatments, as well as Distance Reiki (which is equally as powerful).

What is Reiki, though? Similar to the Chinese concept of Chi, or the Hindu concept of Prana, Reiki is the system of directing life-force energy from the divine source. This divine source is in everything around us and within us. 

In Hinduism, the father Uddālaka in the Chhāndogya Upanishad teaches this son, Shvetaketu, the following lesson:

"All this universe has the Supreme Deity for its life. That Deity is Truth. He is the Universal Soul. Thou Art He, O Shvetaketu."

Reiki harnesses the power of this life-force energy and focuses it on where it is needed in order to activate the natural healing processes.


This healing process works on both the emotional and physical levels. We are, after all, holistic beings and often our physical ailments are merely symptoms of emotional dis-ease. This is easily seen when extreme stress, for example, manifests in the body through excess production of cortisol.

Reiki allows us to relax and allows healing to take over.

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