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9 things that lower your vibration

You know that feeling when you're so happy or excited that you feel like your whole body is literally buzzing? Well, that's kind of exactly what's happening.

Dr David Hawkins, in his book 'Power vs Force', outlined the energetic frequencies of various emotional states. He suggested that anything below 200 would start to impact physically on the body and make us weak, whereas above 200, our bodies start to get stronger.

Everything in the Universe is made up of energetic matter which vibrates at different rates, and how we feel affects the rate at which we vibrate. The happier we are, the higher the frequency at which we vibrate. However, there are other things that we humans do which contribute to lowering our vibrational rate, which in turn sabotages our bodies' way of healing ourselves and functioning at peak performance.

Some of the points will prove a little unpopular, as society has been built in a way that doesn't necessarily have the wellbeing of its people in the forefront of its mind, and they have become part of normal, daily life. Sometimes the most harmful things are perfectly legal and glamourised, whereas other things that are virtually harmless, are illegal and subjected to awful propaganda. As such, this makes some of the following habits super difficult to kick, but the human mind is capable of anything with enough determination, and your soul will be nourished not only from quitting them, but also from the satisfaction of having overcome hurdles.

1. Alcohol

Whilst alcohol may make you feel elated and give you that buzzy sensation, it is merely a temporary illusion masking the reality of how it is affecting your body and your energy flow. The reality is that it is a depressant and it's not just your thoughts and inhibitions that go into disarray.

There is also a flurry of 'before and after' images going around on the internet showing the benefits of giving up alcohol. So it not only makes you vibe better to give up alcohol, but it'll make you hotter too! Win win!!

7 months sober. PHOTO: ghostbackwards/Reddit

Instead of reaching for the nearest bottle of vino to help unwind after a long day, try alternative relaxation techniques such as meditation. Try to limit your intake as much as possible, and leave it for special occasions.

A fantastic resource to help individuals wean off alcohol is at where a number of inspirational success stories can be read. You can almost feel the higher vibrations coming through the stories.

2. Swearing

There was a famous experiment conducted by Dr Masaru Emoto, (a topic worthy of its own blog post!) that showed how unkind words had an impact on water, and was able to alter the structure of ice crystals. The experiment has been emulated in a number of different ways, but the result is always the same. The results consistently prove that negative words do, in fact, impact us more than we may care to believe. That old "sticks and stones" rhyme was a load of nonsense!

Now, I'm no prude when it comes to language, and have been known to be somewhat colourful in my expression, but it is worth reflecting on your relationship with swearing. Is every other word you utter a swearword for the sake of it, or do you only use the words for effect to express surprise, or emotion? In either case, it can be quite the challenge to try to go for a day without swearing and thinking of other ways to express your emotions or thoughts with other words.

If you find, upon reflection, that your swearing reveals a consistent feeling of anger, or bitterness, then this is an opportunity to address this underlying emotional imbalance with a suitable approach.

3. Eating meat, dairy and eggs

It seems that one cannot go anywhere much any more without the message "Go Vegan!" cropping up, and I'm afraid this is going to be another one!

Whilst there are a number of different reasons for ditching animal products (ethics, environment, health etc.), which I personally believe all have validity, I'm only going to focus on the vibrational effect.

On the Hawkins Scale, you see that fear and grief are pretty low down on that vibrational scale. As more light is being shed day after day on the practices of the animal agriculture industry, it becomes clearer to understand how the pain and suffering that animals are being subjected to is being transferred to humans through the consumption of their flesh, the milk that was biologically meant for the infant that they are grieving for, or the eggs produced when they are imprisoned, and suffering.

When we consume these foodstuffs, we are literally consuming pain, suffering and fear, which is not going to do anybody any good, let alone anybody trying to raise their vibrations.

Having a diet consisting of organic fruit and vegetables, and enjoying as much raw food as possible will boost your vibrations exponentially.

I urge anybody planning to change their diet drastically to educate themselves as much as they can about nutrition in order to make sure they receive all the nutrients the body requires out of a balanced vegan diet.

4. Smoking

There is a whole internet out there filled with information about how carcinogenic smoking is, so I'm not going to go into it here, but what is worth noting is that vaping is no better for your vibrations.

I appreciate that it's super hard to quit smoking, so I applaud anybody who transitions from smoking to vaping as a stepping-stone on their quitting journey, but many seem to get too cosy sitting on that stepping stone instead of continuing the journey.

5. Caffeine

I told you some of these would be unpopular, and I bet some of you thought it was the "Go Vegan" point!

It's sad, but true, but that beloved cup of Java every morning is actually sabotaging your vibrational potential.

There is a fabulously detailed, and well written, blog post all about caffeine here. It's well worth a read and validates the inclusion of caffeine on this list far better than I could:

6. Being around negative people

I feel this is somewhat obvious, but it's amazing how many toxic people we retain in our social circle. These people are sometimes referred to as psychic vampires, and just like their blood-sucking cousins of lore, they suck the life force out of unsuspecting victims, only their taste is for your energy. Through stealing your energy, they lower your vibrations, leaving you feeling tired, and flat.

The key, when we cannot ditch them, is to create strong boundaries and to not allow these boundaries to be crossed. Learning to deal with those who cannot be dumped is challenging, especially when dealing with more complex situations involving narcissism and/or personality disorders.

7. Worry and Stress