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08 March 2020

Now that we're being teased by blue skies and the spring flowers, I am looking forward to spending time outdoors and connecting with nature again.


Would anybody be interested in a meditation meet-up in a London park once the weather warms up a bit? I was thinking of maybe conducting a guided meditation, so completely beginner-friendly, with a focus on sending a bit of love out into the world.


If anybody's keen, I'm also very open to having a few meet-ups where we focus intention on different topics. For example, sending love and energy to a group or person who are/is suffering particularly at a given time. 


I believe that group meditation with a focus on the same subject is extremely powerful, so I'd really love to gather some beautiful souls to manifest some improvement in this world together.

If this is of interest to you, please go over to the Facebook page, give it a like and comment that you're keen, as I'll create the events there. I also encourage you to mention if you have a cause that's close to your heart that you would like to focus on during the meditation.

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